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Flat line. No sign. Insisting wrist.

Åshℓeydαℓenebяiℓℓ - cobαin. ♥
17 May
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Hello everyone!

The name is Ashley.
Taken by my wonderful man Chris since 10/15/10.
College student.
Mommy to be, EDD 12/13/11.
I'm a musician who sings and attempts to play guitar.
I enjoy writing and sometimes start a story or two, but writer's block seems to find me where ever I am.

Tonight when you look up at the stars, try and count them all. I miss you that much. When you go to the beach, try to count every grain of sand. I trust you that much. When you go in the water, try and count each drop of water in the ocean. I need you that much. When your heart beats, try and count each and every beat for a day. I love you that much.